RPCV Membership

    Join the Rural Press Club of Victoria today to receive discounted entry to our events for the rest of the financial year. Memberships are open to anyone with an interest in rural and regional issues.

    What else do you get from joining?

    • Regular invitations to our breakfasts and lunches where you'll hear from major players in the agribusiness stage and get to know other rural and regional journalists and agribusiness professionals.
    • Free submission of entries into our annual awards and discounted entry to our annual awards dinner in August
    • Free submission to the annual Young Journalist forum.
    • The knowledge that you're supporting an organisation that's advancing the interests of rural and regional journalists across Victoria, promoting standards of excellence, fairness of reporting and a forum for communication that is accessible to all.

    It’s now just $30 to be a full member and $25 to be a student member. CLICK HERE to become a member today:


    Life Members

    Sue Davies
    Derek Jones

    Our 2019/20 members are as follows:


      Laura Poole

      James Wagstaff

      Laura Griffin

      Nicole Cairns

      Rex Martinich

      Simone Smith

      Jeanette Severs

      Melanie Curtis

      Bryce Eishold

      Joely Mitchell

      Tim Pigot 

      Sarah Lang

      Jeremy Griffith

      Alison Barber 

      Clint Jasper

      Stephen Cooke

      Campbell Cooney

      Barry Howlett

      Marian Macdonald                         
      George Cooper 

      Chris Gillett

      John Garland

      Alan Barber

      Greg Dundas

      Michael Sidors 

      Stephanie Corsetti

      Andrew Johnston

      Andrew Mole 

      Robert Herrmann

      Ken McAlpine

      Mark Jesser

      Sarah Lawrence 

      Kristy McDonald

      Madeline Stuchbery 

      Alison Wynd

      Nigel McNay 

      Isabella Pittaway

      Lauren Adcock

      Nathan Dyer 

      Christopher Testa

      Allan Murphy

      Alastair Dowie

      Lachlan Young

      Simon Cameron

      Kellie Lazzaro

      Jess Davis

      Prue Bentley

      James Wiltshire

      Samuel Ord

      Emma Field 

      Darren Howe

      Natalie Kerr

      Glenn Daniels

      Chantelle Francis

      Harrison Tippet

      Benjamin Fraser

      Charlotte King

      Alex Darling

      Elspeth Kernebone 

      Ryan Reynolds 

      Lachlan Hastings

      Ashleigh McMillan

      Caitlin Bewley

      Meg Kennedy

      Helen Tatchell

      Tim Lee

      Laura Sneath

      Chanel Zagon

      Tamara McDonald

      Olivia Reed

      Brian Allen

      Hannah Driscoll

      Jemma Ryan

      Tyler Maher

      Olivia Shying

      Clarisa Collis

      Emma Nobel

      Jade Bate

      Jacob Grams

      Meagan Rooth

      Sarah Harman

      Lauren Duffy

      Carly Werner

      Caitlyn Spence

      Rani Kane 

      Bruce Roberts

      Jarrod Whittaker

      Carmel Zaccone

      Danielle Pope 

      Sian Johnson 

      Lauren Hay

      Morgan Hancock

      Monique Patterson

      Greg Best

      Justine McCullagh-Beasy

      Jackson Graham

      Amber Irving-Guthrie 

      Nicole Ferrie 

       Natalie Croxon

      Rachael Houlihan

      Matt Neal


      Jackson Russell

      Eveyln Leckie

      Terrence Richardson

      Fiona Davis

      Cam Klose

      Wendy Cohen

      Peter Frith

      Stephanie Bastiaan

      Helen Foard

      Belinda Turner

      Natalie Kotsios

      Seamus Bradley

      Andrew Whitelaw

      Peter Somerville

      Deborah Andrich

      Jaci Hicken

      Deborah Lucas