RPCV Membership

Join the Rural Press Club of Victoria today to receive discounted entry to our events for the rest of the financial year. Memberships are open to anyone with an interest in rural and regional issues.

What else do you get from joining?

  • Regular invitations to our breakfasts and lunches where you'll hear from major players in the agribusiness stage and get to know other rural and regional journalists and agribusiness professionals.
  • Free submission of entries into our annual awards and discounted entry to our annual awards dinner in August
  • Free submission to the annual Young Journalist forum.
  • The knowledge that you're supporting an organisation that's advancing the interests of rural and regional journalists across Victoria, promoting standards of excellence, fairness of reporting and a forum for communication that is accessible to all.

It’s now just $30 to be a full member and $25 to be a student member.

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Life Members

Sue Davies
Derek Jones

Our 2016/17 members are as follows:

Robyn Agnew
Will Banks
Alison Barber
Jason Barbin
Genevieve Barlow
Nikolai Beilharz
Greg Best
Tom Bicknell
Jenna Bishop
Emily Bogue
Sally Bond
David Bowe
Fiona Breen
Madeleine Brennan
Helen Brown
Tammy Brown
Brendan Bunworth
Robert Burbury
Anne Burgi
Debbie Bye
Anthea Cannon
Tyson Cattle
Stephanie Charalambous
David Claridge
Caleb Cluff
Brad Collis
Stephen Cooke
Coral Cooksley
Stephanie Corsetti
Janet Craigie-McConnell
Melissa Cunningham
Melanie Curtis
Holly Curtis
Steve Cusworth
Glenn Daniels
Ken Davis
Deo de Jesus
Judy de Man
Ian Desborough
Sitthixay Ditthavong
Carlene Dowie
Hannah Driscoll
Greg Dundas
Nathan Dyer
Billy-Jay Easson
Robert Edgar
Joanne Eisemann
Nicole Ferrie
Emma Field
Bridget Fitzgerald
Lara Fitzpatrick
Allyson Fonseca
Matt Francis
Benjamin Fraser
Ed Gannon
Elle Gentle
Ian Gilbert
Stacey Gladman
Laura Griffin
Skye Grigg
Danielle Grindlay
Rob Gunstone
Nigel Hallett
Michael Harvey
Elly Hateley
Rachel Hayter
Kate Healy
Lauren Henry
Joseph Hinchliffe
Seamus Hoban
Rachael Houlihan
Deborah Howcroft
Darren Howe
Barry Howlett
Sarah Hudson
Kieran Iles
Clint Jasper
Bridget Judd
Luka Kauzlaric
James Kelly
Charlotte King
Natalie Kotsios
Danny Lannen
Tim Lee
Kathryn Loader
The Local
Rachael Lucas
Marian Macdonald
Shaun Mallia
Claire Martin
Rex Martinich
Ken McAlpine
David McKenzie
Lachlan McKinnon
Chris McLennan
Nigel McNay
Julie Mercer
Andrew Miller
Andrew Mole
Mike Moores
Fiona Myers
Josh Nash
Chris O'Connell
Samuel Ord
Erin Pearson
Farrah Plummer
Jenny Pollard
Laura Poole
Elise Potter
Lyndal Reading
John Rees
Tiana Richardson
Rebecca Riddle
Kate Roberts
Renee Robinson
Jen Rogan
Jenni Rohde
Alexandra Sampson
Murray Sayers
Greg Scullin
Jeanette Severs
Lynne Smith
Mandy Squires
Katherine Sullivan
Eliza Sum
Rebecca Symons
Helen Taylor
Christopher Testa
Shannon Twomey
Bethany Tyler
Alexandria Tzatzimakis
James Wagstaff
Jason Walls
Emma Watson
Daniella White
Peter Williams
Emily Woods
Brett Worthington
Alison Wynd

Our 2017/18 members are as follows:

Alison Barber

Tammy Brown

Steve Cusworth

Ian Desborough

Greg Dundas

Nathan Dyer

Robert Edgar

Bryce Eishold

Ed Gannon

Michael Harvey

Peter Hemphill

Berry Howlett

Donna Kelly

Jonathan Kendall

Eve Lamb

Kathryn Loader

Ken McAlpine

David McKenzie

Cindy McLeish

Danielle Moore

Mike Moores

Heather Noonan

Dennis O'Neill

Laura Poole

Jane Reynolds

Brendan Rowswell

Murray Sayers

Jeanette Severs

Sophie Sutherland

Bec Symons

Brett Tippet

Kellie Lazzaro
Melanie Curtis
Nigel McNay
Ken Davis
Jason Walls
Amy Paton
Alex Sampson
Lauren Porter
Fiona Pepper
Ross Monaghan