Entry Instructions

  1. Read the relevant category criteria and conditions of entry carefully
  2. Prepare your entry by gathering:
    • The attachments of the work you plan to submit (PDFs, Jpegs, online links or Word version of story, as appropriate)
    • If your entry consists of more than one PDF, please include all parts in a single PDF
    • If your entry is for Rural Broadcasting:
      • Brief background information about the program or website and its intended audience
      • Brief explanation of what issue the story covers and why it is important
      • Brief explanation of the role the entrant played in creating and producing the story to help judges distinguish the work of the journalist from other members of the production team.
    • If your entry is for Rural Writing or Rural Photography:
      • A short statement about your entry. How did your entry come about? What does it contribute to rural journalism?
  3. Check if you’re a member. If you’re not a member, sign up today.
  4. If you have not already registered on the Rural Press Club website for last year’s awards, do so by following the links on this page
  5. Log in via the entry portal. Follow instructions on the website to submit your entry. Make sure you have filled out all required fields.
  6. You can delete and resubmit your entry anytime before entries close at 5pm on Friday, 5th February 2017 by logging in and clicking on "My Award Submissions" in the righthand column. No changes can be made after that date nor will submissions be accepted.